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More than 300 people in developing countries who were in need of wheelchairs have all received them thanks to the efforts of one 11-year-old boy from Utah.  11-year-old Zack Francom proud owner of Zack’s Shack lemonade stand got the idea in 2010 when his school had a fundraiser to help get wheelchairs for a Morman church charity. 




"I thought, 'What if I couldn't walk or run or ride my bike? What would that be like?' " he says. "I wanted to help make life easier for somebody who couldn't walk or run and didn't have money for a wheelchair to help them get around." 




Recently, Zack sold 80 quarts of lemonade and 350 dozen cookies baked by his mom, which earned him $5,300, which bought him 37 wheelchairs that he shipped to Guatemala, Guam and 53 other countries. 




"Imagine if there were hundreds of Zack's Shacks," he says. "Nobody who needs a wheelchair should have to go without one just because they can't afford it." 




Thank you Zack for all you have done!!!!




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Typically during summer, families take exotic trips or trips around the country with their families for

pleasure. What would your reaction be if your parents told you that you would be taking a 20 day

trip around the country, not exactly for site seeing, but to be doing chores? Despite mixed emotions

about the trip, Gregg Murset and his family including 6 children hit the road and made stops in Phoenix,

Albuquerque, Denver, Detroit, and Richmond on a voyage to do free chores for complete strangers.

After seeing how thankful everyone was for their help, the kids really started enjoying what they were

doing! Murset, who’s now 9 year old daughter Zaida was diagnosed with peritoneal carcinomatosis, a

rare type of cancer when she was just 3, has always wanted to help families in need; especially families

who are also battling cancer. Gregg Murset created an app called My Job Chart, which finds families in

need of help, and allows people to reach out.

“It’s a free app that any family could use to assign chores to their children,” Murset said. "Nowadays,

there is a lot of couch time, video games, and a lot of messing around. Parents know they fundamentally

need to teach their kids a little bit better," Murset said.

Murset said the app would help children develop tough work ethics, teach them how to be responsible

and how to give back.

"There are currently 725,000 members using the app," Murset said. "Children can earn points by doing

chores. When they reach a certain amount of points, they can each get cash from their parents, or their

parents can donate to charities."


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Just watch this and think about your life. Be thankful for what you have and be willing to share to those

in need.


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