A real life Superman saves a man’s life

Michael Johannes was driving his 2006 Chevy Trailblazer on a highway in New Brighton, Minnesota

when it caught fire. Michael didn’t realize his car was on fire until Bob Renning, who was driving

ahead of Michael noticed flames from under his car. Renning waved Michael to let him know what

was happening, but it was almost too late. “The taillights started flashing without control, the brakes

stopped working, the speed calculator went to zero, the electronics just got messed up.” Johannes

recalled to ABC News. All of a sudden the car doors locked and Michael couldn’t get them open.

Renning pulled over and sprinted to the car where he could only hear Michael trying to kick the

doors open. The smoke was so thick that he couldn’t see anyone in the vehicle. With Superman like

adrenaline running through him, Renning miraculously got his fingers on the door frame, placed his

foot against the door, and pulled as hard as he could. The glass shattered as he bent the door frame

in half! Renning helped Michael escape through the window with only seconds to spare. An Air Force

first sergeant, Renning said he had no idea how he was able to bend the door. "It was a miracle. He was

a husband, he was dad," Lisa Johannes told ABC News. "He was just telling himself: 'I had to get out of

there the entire time.'"

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Superheros visit Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital

Superman, Spider-Man, Batman and Captain America took some time out from fighting crime to surprise and greet sick children at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.  The Northeastern Building Maintenance Systems crew is contracted to washing the windows at the hospital, and decided to treat the children to something special this day.  The smiles on the faces of these kids are just priceless.  The hospital chipped in by serving cake and giving the kids make-your-own superhero kits.  The pictures are great…enjoy J


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Two Africans students invent soap which protects against malaria

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Moctar Dembele from Burkina Faso, and Gerard Niyondiko from Burundi, have invented a soap that repels mosquitos!  Their invention, titled "Fasoaop" is made from shea butter, lemongrass oil, and other secret ingredients.

"After using the soap, it leaves on the skin a scent that repels mosquitoes," said Niyondiko. "In addition, waste water products contain substances that prevent the development of mosquito larvae, because the sanitation problem in Africa is one of the causes of mosquito vectors of malaria."

Malaria is an essential issue to tackle.  In 2010, there were 660,000 malaria deaths, 90% of which occurred in Africa.  Most of the affected individuals cannot afford medicines and anti-mosquito creams.

"So we thought of a repellent and larvicidal mosquito soap which will be accessible and affordable to the majority of the population, seeing that soap is a commodity product and especially not going to add other additional costs to the population," says Niyondiko.

Their invention earned them the $25,000 grand prize in the Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC).  This competition, created by Berkeley MBA students, is designed to help entrepreneurs from around the world create ideas with a positive impact.  Niyondiko and Dembele came ahead of 650 other competitors from over 40 countries.  This is the first time that an African has win the competition.

"It is a feeling of joy and pride for us and for Africa in general," said Niyondiko. "It also shows that in Africa we are not back(ward) and that Africa's problems can be solved by Africans themselves."

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