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Stranger pays dinner bill for family with epileptic child

(China Grove, NC) - Ashley England was was having a rough dinner at Stag-N-Doe pizza with her 8 year old son.  Her son, Riley has epilepsy and is nonverbal.  He gets frustrated when he cannot speak and decided to throw a tantrum.

One stranger turned the England family's day completely around.  This stranger paid for their meal and attached a heartwarming note which read, "God only gives special children to special people."

Ashley was incredibly grateful. "To have someone do that small act towards us shows that some people absolutely understand what we are going through and how hard it is to face the public sometimes," she said. "They made me cry, blessed me more than they know. I felt like out of all the rude negative comments that we are faced with, these outweighs them. The people who care. Little did he know what struggles we had been facing lately, and this was surely needed at that moment."

Ashely posted her gratitude on Facebook: "Dear stranger, thank you for giving me a blessing tonight in a way you will never know."


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Sophomore gives epic motivational speech to freshman at Georgia Tech

Nicholas Selby, a sophomore at Georgia Tech, gave incoming freshman a welcoming speech that they will never forget.  His speech amped up the crowd as the "2001: A Space Odyssey" theme music played in the background.  Nicholas received a well deserved standing ovation.  So go on and watch the video and amp yourself up for the week!!!!

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96 yr old man makes touching billboard hit song for late wife

"Oh sweet Lorraine," the song begins. "I wish we could do all the good times over again."

Fred Stobaugh, from Peoria, Ill., wrote lyrics to what he called "Oh Sweet Lorraine" after his 91-year-old wife passed away last April.   In 1938 the couple met and fell in love at an A&W stand and were then married for 73 years.

"After she passed away, I was just setting in the front room one evening by myself," Fred says of when he wrote the song. "It just come right to me almost, I just kept humming it ... it seemed like it just fit her."  Stobaugh, who's not a musician, entered the lyrics into a singer-songwriter contest at Illinois' Green Shoes Studios.  His entry was like no other, said Green Shoe's Jacob Colgan. Instead of a YouTube video link, Stobaugh sent a large manila envelop with the lyrics written in a letter.  "I started to read the lyrics and was so touched by the song and without even meeting Fred we thought, we're going to do something," Colgan said.  With Stobaugh's permission, Colgan set the words to music and brought the song to life.


Fred says, "The song really helps me. It really helps me. It just seemed like she's just sort of with me. Which I know she's smiling, she's smiling down and she likes that song, I know."

The song has topped the iTunes chart at #7 and the Billboard chart at #49!



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Chicago Bulls build a playground

Chicago Bulls players and more than 200 volunteers got together in Chicago Heights on Saturday, August 24, to build a new playground, a playground designed by the children who will use it.

Children need a place to play every day in order to be active and healthy, but today’s kids spend less time playing outside than any previous generation in part because only 1-in-5 children live within walking distance of a park or playground. This play deficit is having profound consequences for kids physically, socially and cognitively.  This new playground will provide more than 500 children in the community with a safe place to play.

The Chicago Bulls have made a commitment to work with community concerns and find ways to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need, organizing events that support core values of youth education, health and wellness, and violence prevention.



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