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Caring 4 Cars repairs vehicles for those in need

A car mechanic's bill can be incredibly expensive and devastating for someone that does not have the funds to cover the costs.  Fortunately, there are wonderful people in this world that are helping individuals that fall into these situations.

Meet Grant Magrath, a self taught mechanic in Christchurch, New Zealand.  He knows very well how it feels to be in this situation.

"When the kids were toddlers, the head gasket blew on my old Ford Telstar. I had no money to spare, so I bought a workshop manual and fixed it myself.", Magrath said.

Years later, when he heard a story about a struggling young couple who had to borrow money from a loan shark to pay for their vehicle repair bill, it weighed heavy on his heart.

Grant Magrath stated, "I got quite upset. That's money that their children won't have for school, clothes, toys."

That is when Grant decided to gather a group of mechanics together and form "Caring 4 Cars".  This organization collects funds and gathers volunteer mechanics to help fix vehicles for individuals that have difficulty paying for repairs.  The charitable organization also provides an opportunity for people to learn how to repair cars and help others in need.  They created a Facebook page to spread the word:

Way to go Grant and Caring 4 Cars!!!  Keep up the wonderful work :)


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Family reunited 10 years after tsunami

10 years after one of the most deadly tsunami’s that struck the Indian ocean, a family has been reunited. 

Septi Rangkuti and his wife Jamaliah thought they had lost their two children when the tsunami hit and the two kids were swept away by the rushing waters.  What they didn’t know was that a fisherman had rescued the brother and sister, but did not know how to locate their families.  Jannah, the daughter was adopted by a family, and the 7-yr old son at the time became an orphan boy who spent his nights on the streets. 

An uncle of the family spotted Jannah who 10 years later is now a 14 year old girl in a village nearby.  He thought the girl resembled her, and ended up confirming that it was indeed Jannah.  The family then went on the news trying to find their son, and a woman living 560 miles away recognized the photo and thought it could be this orphan boy who would sometimes sleep in her café.  She showed the boy a picture of the family and he explained “That’s mother!”.  The family would soon be reunited as one.


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Man with cerebral palsy completes IRONMAN triathlon

Peder Mondrup became the first person with cerebral palsy to complete the IRONMAN Triathlon.  With the help of his twin brother Steen, they completed the triathlon in 15 hours and 32 minutes.  The brothers finished the race under the bright lights and the loudest crowd to any finisher.  The brother’s had a custom made bike which allowed Steen to go 112 miles with a wheelchair in tow; Steen also swam 2.4 miles while pulling Peder on a raft, and then ran 26.2 miles while pushing his brother’s wheelchair in front of him.  When it was all said and done, Peder said “for the first time I felt like the person I see myself as.”


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Firefighters mow person's lawn after saving him

Firefighters responded to a call of a man who had a heart attack while he was mowing his lawn.  Firefighters and EMT's performed CPR on 65-year-old John McCormick and then brought him to the hospital.  On the way back from the hospital, the firefighters decided to go back to the McCormick household and finish mowing the lawn for him!  They went above and beyond the call of duty to perform this act of kindness.  One firefighter stated "They already got stuff going on that's more important.  Yard work shouldn't be something they have to finish up".


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