21 year old saves new born baby's life with CPR

Ryan Cornelissen, 21, was driving down the road when he was flagged down by a frantic man.  When Ryan stopped, he saw that the man's wife was in the front seat giving birth to their child.  They were on the way to the hospital, but did not make it in time.

The man did not speak English very well so Ryan called 911.  The baby was born before the ambulance arrived.  The scary part was, the baby was not breathing….

The 911 operator walked Ryan through giving the baby CPR.

"Oh, yes! The baby is whimpering," Ryan exclaimed after giving CPR for several minutes. "He's breathing!"

The baby is doing well, but will remain the hospital for several weeks.  Ryan undoubtedly saved the baby's life.  Ryan is currently a student at Macomb County Community College and is planning on becoming a police officer.  We think he'll do just fine :)

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A lifesaving gesture from coach to player

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When being recruited to play college sports, often coaches will tell you that you are coming to their University to become part of their family, and that means making sacrifices for one another.  Tom Walter, the baseball coach for Wake Forest University made this promise quite apparent.

Kevin Jordan was a freshman outfielder for Wake Forest when he found out the terrible news that he needed a kidney transplant. He was diagnosed with ANCA vasculitis which left his kidneys functioning at 8 percent. Kevin’s family was tested and no one was found to be a match for the transplant.

That’s when Coach Walter took initiative upon himself to get tested. Coach Walter found out he was a match and told his team and family that he would donate the kidney to his player. The operation went well and both men are expected to make full recoveries.


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