British astronaut will tweet from space to inspire youth

Major Tim Peake (what a fitting name!), Britain's first astronaut, said he will tweet from space when he goes in 2015.

"I certainly will be tweeting from space, a large part of what I want to achieve on this mission is to try to inspire a generation and encourage them to continue to support space flight and microgravity research.", Peake says.

He'll have to be brief though since his messages will need to be limited to twitter's 140 characters :)

He also says that he plays the guitar, but will spare everyone from hearing it :)

"I do play the guitar – very badly", Peake jokes, "and I wouldn't inflict my singing on anyone."

We are looking forward to hearing Good News from outer space in 2015!

And that's what's good,




Baseball fan gets Twitter response and more from his favorite player

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In this new social media era, you can always attempt to converse with your favorite Athlete or Celebrity.  Typically you get no response, but sometime you get lucky. 
On this day, Alex Berg, a Minnesota Twins baseball fan got his wish.  He tweeted "Got screwed over online on the Twins tickets I bought last night for today's game. Any chance my fav.player @glen_perkins could help me out?" 
Minutes later, Glen Perkins, a Twins relief pitcher responded by asking how many tickets he needed!  Next thing you know Alex, his girlfriend, Grandma and Cousin all had tickets to the Twins game that day! 
Alex tweeted again...but this time it was a picture from the ball game! :-)
Have a great day, and let the Good News be yours,
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