The 5 Greatest Sci Fi Romance Movies

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Credit: SWNS

Science fiction and romance usually mix like oil and water. Who wants a sappy love story getting in the way of a good space battle? There are times when romance with science fiction trappings serves a useful purpose and most of them involve picking a movie that will make your girlfriend or wife happy. If you need a little romance and you want to avoid the latest romantic comedy, check out these five sci-fi romance movies that are the cream of the crop:

“The Adjustment Bureau” (2011):


Phillip K. Dick can always be counted on to pen stories that are off the beaten path and translate into highly original movies. “The Adjustment Bureau” follows the plight of Matt Damon as he fights against omnipresent angelic figures who are trying to prevent him from getting together withEmily Blunt because it is not in the plan they are tasked with making the world follow. The story effectively plays on the timeless theme that love conquers all obstacles and that even fate itself cannot keep apart two people who are in love with each other.

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” (2009):


This adaptation of the best-selling novel centers on an involuntary time traveler played by Eric Bana, who meets his wife as a young girl. He hops in and out of her life at various stages, complicating their marriage and relationship with one another. This is one of the few science fiction films that definitely can be classified as a chick flick. Your girlfriend or wife will enjoy the romantic novel-type storyline and you will enjoy watching the lovely Rachel McAdams. It is a win-win situation.

“Back to the Future” (1985):


Believe it or not, romance is a big part of Marty McFly’s accidental trek to 1955. McFly, masterfully portrayed by Michael J. Fox, screws up the first meeting of his parents as teenagers and must get them to fall in love or he will cease to exist. Complicating matters is the fact his mom has thehots for him. That’s pretty high stakes, even without the addingcreepiness of your mom wanting to do the nasty with you.

Starman” (1984):


An alien trying to get back home poses as a woman’s dead husband in the iconic “Starman.” Soon enough, she falls in love with the alien impersonator and helps him to evade shady government agents. It is quite a departure for John Carpenter from his normal offerings. Carpenter is a director who typically does everything he can to scare audiences to death with offerings like “Halloween” and “The Thing.”

“Somewhere in Time” (1980):


Christopher Reeve made every effort possible early in his acting career to avoid his inevitable “Superman” typecast. This adaptation of a RichardMatheson story represents one such role. Reeve plays a time-traveler who falls in love with a woman literally old enough to be his grandmother in her youth. That gives a whole new meaning to the concept of robbing the grave.



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