Combined School for Israeli and Palestinian Students

Hand in Hand school

There is a special K-12 school system in Israel where both Palestinian and Israeli students learn together.  This is a place where students learn value-based education including essential concepts such as mutual respect, human dignity, and empathy towards others. 

“Hand in Hand” is the fitting name for this school system which was created to make this world a better place and to show that Jews and Arabs should not live in separation, fear, and violence.  Created in 1997, with 50 students in two campuses, Hand in Hand now has over 2,000 students from 3-18 years of age in six schools across Israel. 

Not only do the students study together, they also learn a bilingual curriculum with classes in Hebrew and Arabic!  Each class has one Jewish and one Arab teacher.  According to Hand in Hand, “Our students’ ability to speak the language of ‘the other’ is essential to engendering a sense of comfort among peers, in spite of cultural differences. It allows children to overcome their fear of ‘the other,’ and be open to friendship instead.”

These students also have a shared calendar with a purpose of “immersing students in stories, songs, symbols and traditions of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian holidays.”  This further provides the opportunity for students to let their heritage shine and learn mutual respect for on another.

Hand in Hand has a Jewish principal and Palestinian vice principal.  The curriculum is very intentional and even tough conversation such as conflict are learned about from multiple points of view.  As they say, “When people live and learn together every day, they cannot be enemies.” 

Hand in Hand is a wonderful example of how this world is a better place when different people and cultures come together with a common purpose.

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