Waterstone Guitars embraces Jackson Pollock’s art in guitar masterpiece

- Image Credit: Waterstone Guitars (www.waterstoneguitars.com)
- Image Credit: Waterstone Guitars (www.waterstoneguitars.com)

A beautiful guitar is a work of art.  From the first note that is picked, to the moving chord that is played, to the elegant shape of the guitar’s body.

Waterstone Guitars, the brainchild of Robert Singer (very fitting name), views their guitars as a form of art.  To push their artistic envelope they have created a guitar based off the art of Jackson Pollock, a leader in the Abstract Expressionist movement. 

Pollock would place his blank canvas on the floor and use a “drip” technique where the paint would splatter on the canvas.  Waterstone guitars has captured this art technique in their latest limited edition guitars.  Proceeds from these collectors item guitar sales go to the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center which is Pollock and his wife, Lee Krasner’s, home turned museum.  Pollock’s original studio art is still on display in the house.

Waterstone Guitars is helping to continue the legend, life, and art of Jackson Pollock.  This guitar masterpiece can be found at http://pollockguitar.com.  Well done!

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