Ithaca College students shovel home driveways for faculty and staff

- Image Credit: Shutterstock
- Image Credit: Shutterstock

Ithaca, NY was hit with about a foot of snow this weekend from storm ‘Nemo’.  While most people were stuck indoors, a group of Ithaca College students decided to go outside and lend a helping hand.

The initiative was led by Ithaca College’s “Exercise Science Club“. 

Before the storm, the club sent out an email to faculty and staff stating: “The Exercise Science Club is trying to run a community service program in which students of the club will shovel driveways, walkways, or anything that needs it – for FREE! Each time there is a snow storm, the club will head to your home and take care of the snow removal.”

How awesome is that?!  Sure enough, when the storm hit, the students grabbed their shovels and helped out their appreciative faculty and staff!

Well done Exercise Science Club.  You are doing wonders for the community.

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