5 year old boy saves father’s life

Credit: nbchardballtalk.files.wordpress.com/
Credit: nbchardballtalk.files.wordpress.com/

Nathaniel Dancy Jr. was riding in the car with his father Nathaniel Dancy Sr. when his pops suffered a stroke.  Nathaniel Dancy Sr. managed to pull the car over before losing consciousness and saving both of them.  Soon, his son would save his father as well.

Although only five years old, the young boy grabbed his father’s phone, called his grandmother, and used his kindergarden skills to spell out the nearby stores so they could be located.  He spelled “F, U, R, N, I, T, U, R, E.” and his grandmother knew that they were near  the store called “Furniture 22”.

The ambulance arrived shortly after and were able to help Nathaniel’s father!  In just a few minutes both the son and father were able to save each other’s lives 🙂

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