Family recovers $23,000 ring accidentally sold for $5

- Image Credit: Racquel Cloutier
- Image Credit: Racquel Cloutier

The Cloutiers thought “Diamonds are forever” until Eric Cloutier accidentally sold his wife’s $23,000 wedding ring in a garage sale for $5!!

Eric’s wife Racquel placed the ring in an old watch box before going to the hospital to give birth to the couple’s fourth child.

“I hid the ring before I went to the hospital because my twins get into everything and my fingers were swollen,”Racquel said.

While she was in the hospital, Eric did what any good husband would do – he cleaned the house and had a garage sale.  He sold the old watch box for $5 not knowing that Racquel’s $23,000 wedding ring was hidden inside.

Racquel Cloutier’s ring – Image Credit: Racquel Cloutier

Upon Racquel’s return home, she immediately went looking for the watch box with her ring.  When Eric said he sold the box, she broke down.

The couple told the news outlets their story and it spread quickly.  Thankfully the individuals who purchased the watch box saw the story on the news and returned the ring!

“I knew the chances were small,” Racquel said of seeing her ring again. “But by the grace of God it ended up with the most honest people.”

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