Cancer Be Glammed creates feel-good fashions for women

- Image Credit: Rob Carr, Getty Images
- Image Credit: Rob Carr, Getty Images

Battling cancer is certainly difficult, but a variety of new feel-good fashions have hit the patient market, hoping to help ease a portion of the process.  From hip sleeve garments that cover lymphedema arm swelling to chic radiation robes called Radiant Wraps, cancer and chronically ill patients can now face surgery, treatment and recovery in both comfort and style.

Cancer Be Glammed, an online portal of post-op and recovery fashion items for cancer patients, aims for emotional wellness, in particular by helping patients combat depression by looking better.   Specially designed items include mastectomy bras, hospital tote bags, headscarves, even “survivor-inspired” solutions like chemo beanies or track suits with hidden zippers for easy port access during chemotherapy.



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