Good deeds make people smile, they make you feel good, and are incredibly contagious!  Try doing a good deed today.  We want all of you to let us know what you did and we will add it to the list!   1.  Helped elderly with the trash – I sawContinue Reading

Soo happy there is a source for GOOD world news.This is what everyone needs to be reading to create a better, more hopeful world.Blessings to you! – Michele   I love GWN !! Definitely adding it to my daily rotation – Mike   Love this – Arlene   So gladContinue Reading

This may be the simplest “Terms of Use” you will ever see 🙂  You are free to share the articles on this site.  All we ask is that you give credit to the hard working author and include a link to the article.  Enjoy!Continue Reading

We’re so happy that you made it to Good World News!  We hope that reading these stories makes you smile as much as they do to us 🙂 This all began when two brothers Jon and Jeremy, agreed that they wanted to make a positive impact on the world.  Continue Reading