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Happy Mother’s Day!! Celebrate Mother’s day today and every day.  Give a mother a hug today. Any mother 🙂  Your mom, your grandma, wife, friend, mother earth, and all mothers deserve a smile :). Peace and Love, The Good World News Team  Continue Reading

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Good World News would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year!!! This has been a beautiful year.  Sit back, relax, reflect on the positive things from the past year and amplify them this year 🙂   Peace & Love, The Good World News TeamContinue Reading

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SANTA BARBARA — Every year for more than three decades, Santa Barbara City College donates a complete Thanksgiving meal for low-income, single-parent families who are enrolled in school. Throughout Wednesday morning on campus, 150 students drove up to the Thanksgiving dinner giveaway. For many, Thursday’s food festivities wouldn’t happen if itContinue Reading

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Good News of the day – Happy Independence Day U.S readers!  You probably have the day off of work or school and are getting ready to enjoy the beautiful day.  Have fun watching the fireworks, BBQ, movies, holiday T.V special, or whatever you do :).  Be safe and let usContinue Reading