The Philippines send peacekeepers to Liberia

Image Credit: AFP/Getty
Image Credit: AFP/Getty

Although on opposite sides of the world and 8 hours time difference, The Philippines and Liberia are finding a way to come together.  Liberia is still slowly recovering from a civil war that claimed the lives of over 250,000 Liberians.  The UN established a peacekeeping mission in 2003 to ensure Liberia continues to improve.

The Philippines has recently deployed 115 individuals as part of a UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia.  The 16th Philippine Contingent consists of 107 enlisted personnel, 1 medic, and 7 officers.

It is beautiful to see nations from around the world helping each other.  We are in a large ecosystem all interconnected.  Both of these nations hold a special place in my heart because of family in each location.  Thank you Philippines for helping out in Liberia!


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