Google launches endangered language project

Credit: Time
Credit: Time

Did your high school teacher tell you that you could only learn English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, or German?  Well Good World News is showing you that there are MANY more options 🙂

There are roughly 7000 languages spoken throughout the world!!  Unfortunately, if nothing is done, 50% of these are expected to disappear within 100 years.  Thankfully Google has launch the Endangered Language Project to help –

The Endangered Language Project allows individuals which speak an language at risk to upload documents, images, and video which detail how to speak the language.  This incredible project will allow these languages to be preserved in a central location where anyone around the world can view and learn the language!  Many of these languages are unwritten languages so the videos will really capture the language allowing others to learn.

This fascinating project is really doing something special for the world and that is why Good World News rates this as the top story of the day!


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