A campaign has been launched in England for people to wear safety pins to show that they are “safe” allies to immigrants or anyone else facing hatred, racism, and bigotry.  Hate crimes have dramatically increased in Britain as well as in the U.S., and here is one small way forContinue Reading

- Image Credit: Ronny Edry

“We LOVE you”.  What beautiful words between two countries that are “supposed” to be enemies.  Ronny Edry, an Israeli graphics designer, knew that something needed to be done quickly before blows were thrown between Iran and Israel. “If we don’t act now then it’s too late forever”, Edry stated. DayContinue Reading

Image Credit: uwm.edu

Have you ever wanted to embark on an adventure around the world?  Good World News has great news for you.  There is actually an “Around the World” plane ticket that you can buy!  We do not get any kick back for any of these services, but we thought that ourContinue Reading