Former NBA star Yao Ming advocates for endangered animals in Africa

Image Credit Kristian Schmidt for WildAid
Image Credit Kristian Schmidt for WildAid

Standing at 7 ft 6 inches, Yao Ming, the former NBA star from China is a rarity with respect to height.  Yao Ming is now protecting another increasingly rare population – rhinos and elephants.  He is using his fame and big heart to convince his fellow Chinese citizens and the rest of the world to stop purchasing rhino horns and ivory from elephants.

Most efforts to stop the killing of these beautiful animals focuses on protecting them from poachers.  Yao Ming is taking a different approach which attempts to stop the demand of ivory and rhino horns.  According to Laura Walubengo of Kenya radio’s CapitalFM, “China is the world’s most prominent destination for rhino horn and ivory, whith projections suggesting there will be an added 250 million middle class consumers over the next 10 to 15 years”.

Populations are dwindling -There are only 400,000 elephants and only seven white rhinos are left in the world.  With an average size rhino horn earning a poacher an average of $250,000, it seems as if there is not much hope.  Fortunately, Yao Ming is helping the conservationists bring worldwide attention to this issue.  This attention is needed in his homeland of China, and Yao Ming knows it.  This is why he is not only giving wide spread attention through interviews, but he is also creating a documentary about it!

Yao Ming observes elephants. Image Credit: Kristian Schmidt for WildAid, via

With images as awesome as this, we have no doubt that his documentary will be a worldwide success!  Yao Ming takes it a step further by creating a blog about his adventures in Africa:


Yao Ming face to face with an endangered rhino.

In his blog, Yao Ming jokes: “These are immense and powerful creatures. As one of them pushes me, I’m reminded of the immense pressure I used to feel when I had to guard Shaquille O’Neal. You knew that pressure while guarding Shaq, and you know it when a rhino leans on you.”

Yao Ming’s work will truly help protect the lives of these beautiful animals.  Thank you Yao Ming!!  Good World News is looking forward to watching your documentary.  The world is grateful for everything that you have done!


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