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Ever feeling blue and think, “God, I wish I could hug a llama right about now”? Well you can! Therapy llamas and alpacas are being used all across the country to buoy the spirits of the elderly and ill, bringing their fuzzy adorableness right to your door for some therapeuticContinue Reading

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What does every little girl want as a gift?  A pony!!  Two little girls got their wish when their father, Eric Reid, found a baby horse in desperate need for help. Eric is the manager of the Bureau of Land Management facility in Delta, Utah.  The facility takes care ofContinue Reading

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Good News – The Baywatch supermodel, Pamela Anderson has made another rescue!!  She has been an avid animal supporter since her youth.  Now a vegan, Pamela was only in her early teens when she became vegetarian.  The blonde beauty actively campaigns and poses for the animal protection organization People forContinue Reading

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DeeDee Murry loves her longhaired dachshund, Hallie.  She found Hallie at an animal rescue in 2001.  You can say it was love at first sight.  DeeDee took her home and never looked back. DeeDee Murry, a Seattle native, is a professional painter who creates beautiful realistic animal portraits.  Hallie always watchesContinue Reading