Man drives hummer into speeding car to save kids in a crosswalk

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Sometimes you only have seconds to make a decision that could save lives.  Darrell Krushelnicki didn’t hesitate or freeze when he saw a driver chatting on his cellphone, not paying attention to the road, and speeding towards kids who were walking over a crosswalk.  Darrell saw the inevitable and decided to take action.

Darrell was waiting to make a left turn at an intersection in Edmonton, Canada when he saw the motorist going over 50 mph in 20 mph zone.  He inched his car forward in the intersection to see if the speeding motorist would see either him or the kids.  The 23 year old speeding motorist did not show any signs of slowing down so Krushelnicki immediately drove his 2006 Hummer H3 into the vehicle and saved the kids from the collision.  Darrell stated, “It was just a reaction”.  Darrell jumped out of the car after the crash to confirm that the kids were safe and were not hit by any of the debris.  Neither driver was seriously injured.

Police officer Scott Pattison told the press, “He did a very valiant thing. Obviously police don’t recommend people do those sorts of things that put their own lives in jeopardy, but certainly, we could have been talking about a very different story today that involved, potentially, the serious injury or death of four children between the ages of three and 16,”. 

The reckless driver faces one count of dangerous driving.  Krushelnicki received praises from the police instead of charges.  He’s happy things worked out, but he was not expecting praise. “The best thing that could have happened, happened. Twisted metal can always be fixed.” Darrell Krushelnicki said.

With a last name that starts with “Krush”, maybe he has fulfilled part of his destiny 🙂


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