Update: 102 year old car lover gets surprise scholarship and heads back to college

Image Credit: Summer Buckshaw
Image Credit: Summer Buckshaw

Remember Margaret Dunning, the 102 year old who still changes her car’s oil and spark plugs?  Well apparently she has become even more famous from her article on Good World News.  She grabbed the attention of people at the FRAM Group – a company that makes automobile products.  They awarded her with a lifetime supply of automobile products and a full ride to the University of Michigan.

About 80 years ago, Margaret attended the University of Michigan to pursue a business degree.  Then came the Great Depression and she had to drop out of school to help her mother run their banking business.  Margaret stated, I went on in banking for quite a while after that, so (leaving school) didn’t cause me too much harm.” With respect to school she said “I’ll have to figure out just what I’ll study, but it will be in business though. I know that”.

“I’m very, very pleased about it,” Dunning said. “I feel that I’ve been granted a few years that other people do not have, and I am really very happy that I have this beautiful old world to live in.”

We’re happy for you Margaret!


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