425 couples renew their vows on their 50th anniversary

Image Credit: marcandangel.com
Image Credit: marcandangel.com

Many call it the “golden anniversary”.  Others call it “OMG!!!”.  Fifty years of marriage is a beautiful event worth celebrating although it may be difficult for many to imagine – especially for those under 50 years old 🙂

425 couple celebrated their special day under a single roof – The Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, IL.  This is quickly becoming an annual event in Chicago!  One thing that old married couples tend to be good at is good advice:

“You should laugh a lot don’t take yourself too seriously.”

“Have fun and dance, we love to dance,” Adele Dary said.

“Don’t be too big of a person to say, ‘I’m sorry,'” added Alice Bearden.

Some of the couples say that getting to marriage took a while and others said it happened quickly as was the case with the Vincent family.  “The first time he met me he said he wanted to marry me,” said Florence Vincent.

Looks like they are all happy to be celebrating the golden anniversary with their main squeeze and their family.   They all took different paths to get to this point, have their full share of good marriage advice, and are an inspiration to many! 

We at Good World News are happy for all of you.  Congratulations!!!!!


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