- Image Credit: COCO Gallery

Brian Gargano and Jennifer Batugo are two love birds who wanted nothing more than to show their love and commitment through marriage. Unfortunately, in March, when they began planning their August wedding, Jennifer was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of breast cancer.  The doctors told her that she mayContinue Reading

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January 21st is National Hug Day!!  It’s actually a recognized holiday.  Remember, when you give a hug, you get a hug 🙂   And that’s what’s good, Jon – Good World NewsContinue Reading

- Image Credit: Ronny Edry

“We LOVE you”.  What beautiful words between two countries that are “supposed” to be enemies.  Ronny Edry, an Israeli graphics designer, knew that something needed to be done quickly before blows were thrown between Iran and Israel. “If we don’t act now then it’s too late forever”, Edry stated. DayContinue Reading

- Image Credit: Paris Sharing/Flickr

“Mahal kita”, “Je t’aime”, “Ti amo”, are only a few of the hundreds of “I love you’s” written on a 416 foot wall in Place des Abbesses, Square Jehan Rictus in Paris, France.  Two artists, Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito, created the beautiful wall as a tribute to love andContinue Reading

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Many call it the “golden anniversary”.  Others call it “OMG!!!”.  Fifty years of marriage is a beautiful event worth celebrating although it may be difficult for many to imagine – especially for those under 50 years old 🙂 425 couple celebrated their special day under a single roof – TheContinue Reading