“The Teacher’s Desk” gives free supplies to schools in Buffalo, NY

Credit: mediaoutrage.com
Credit: mediaoutrage.com

The Teacher’s Desk, established in 2011, has a pretty impressive report card.  The past year they have given over $600,000 worth of supplies to 100 Buffalo schools.  They are “A store where teachers Pre-k through 8th grade shop free for students in need.”

Located at 22 Northampton St. Buffalo, NY 14209, they give free supplies to schools that have 70% or more student participation in the National School Lunch program.  On average, each teacher receives $500 of free supplies.  John Mika started the organization after substitute teaching in Buffalo.  “Nobody had paper, either,” said Mika. “These kids were struggling.”  He found a few supplies in the teacher’s desk, but not enough to cover the class.  Mika knew that he had to take action.

There are many schools in the Buffalo area that simply do not have enough basic supplies to use the in classroom.  The Teacher’s Desk is making a difference to the lives of these students and they are improving the educational system in Buffalo.  Everyone is grateful – their large store is filled with thank you cards from appreciative students and teachers.  If you are in the Buffalo area and looking for volunteer opportunities, check out The Teacher’s Desk.

Thank you to The Teacher’s Desk!!!  You are doing amazing work. 


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