Local honey may help with allergies

Credit: fanpop.com
Credit: fanpop.com

Allergy season just got a little sweeter 🙂  Some studies have shown that eating local honey may help relieve allergy symptoms.  How awesome is that?  Forget all of that prescription medicine – mother nature had the remedy right in front of us.

So how does it work?  It almost works like a vaccine.  The bees fly from flower to flower eating precious nectar.  While they touch each plant, pollen gets stuck to them which helps the flowers cross pollinate.  Some of that pollen makes it way back to the hive which ends up in the honey.  So the honey has small traces of pollen which we consume.  This allows our body to gradually build up defenses for the pollen, a process called immunotherapy, which prepares us for allergy season!  Local honey is used because it contains the pollen from your local area.  Pretty neat right?

One unfunded study from Xavier University in New Orleans showed positive results after six weeks.  Be careful though, some people can have allergic reactions to honey and doctors say that infants under 12 months should not have honey at all.

Now you can really enjoy the spring season without side effects from allergy medicine and it tastes SWEEEET 🙂  Thank you bees!


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