Rare solar eclipse visible in Australia

Image Credit: worldtimezone.com
Image Credit: worldtimezone.com

In just a couple hours, individuals in Northern Australia will witness a rare solar eclipse.  The next solar eclipse will occur in 2015.  A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the Earth and the Sun.  This causes a brief moment of darkness. 

Scientists are observing animals on land and under water to see how they will react to the brief “unexpected” darkness.  “This is a relatively short eclipse but we will still find even in a short space birds will fall asleep,” said Dick Cijffers, an eclipse tourism operator.

The eclipse will occur at approximately 3:35 PM EST which equates to first thing in the morning in Australia.  More than 50,000 spectators are expected to watch the event in Queensland, Australia.  You can watch all of the live footage here:


Nature has some beautiful surprises!  If you are in Australia, send us your pictures of the eclipse: info[at,]goodworldnews.org

Remember, don’t look directly at the eclipse as it could damage your eyes.  Be safe and enjoy natures wonders 🙂


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