22 year old wins $30.5 Mega Million after getting dumped by girlfriend

Image Credit: bostonmagazine.com
Image Credit: bostonmagazine.com

“Mo’ Money Mo Problems”?  Well Sandeep Singh doesn’t think so 🙂  “Sunny”, as his friends call him, was recently dumped by his girlfriend.  Instead of moping around in his Massachusetts home, he decided to play the lottery.  Turns out he won the $30.5 Mega Million jackpot!  Sunny was all smiles and his ex girlfriend was just a thing of the past.  “She broke up with me, but right now, I’m not really worried about it,” Sunny said. “I was heartbroken at first, but now I’m getting over it.”

So what does a 22 year old do with $16 million (lump sum after taxes)?  Right now he is working two jobs to make ends meet for his family so this will definitely help.  “Just pay my mom’s house off, that’s the main thing,” Singh says.  He also wants to share the money with family, donate some to charity, and use the funds to get a bachelor’s degree in business.

Congrats Sunny!



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