Cure for the common hangover

So it’s early on Sunday morning and your head is banging from partying on Saturday night.  The good times and the smiling memories are stuck somewhere behind that headache.  Well we have good news for you!  No need to mope around feeling down – chances are you may have the cure in your house!

Cure #1 – Baking Soda

Put a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water.  Mix it up and drink it down.  It may cause you to burp, but it’s just because it’s working :).  Why does this work?  Well alcohol increases the acidity of your stomach and baking soda neutralizes it.

Cure #2 – Lemon Juice

Squeeze some lemon in water or get fresh lemon juice.  Real lemon juice, not the artificial stuff.  The vitamin C in the lemon naturally breaks down the alcohol in the body.

Cure #3 – Ginger

Ginger is excellent for calming the stomach.  So grind some ginger and put it in boiling water to make tea.  Or if you have a juicer, throw it in there.

You can thank us later.  Enjoy 🙂


Peace & Love,


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