Read and Feed helps low income elementary school kids in North Carolina

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Every once in a while you come across a special organization that is formed to make a real difference in a community.  Read and Feed is that wonderful group.

The Reed and Feed non-profit organization was created in 2006.  Their one objective is “To bridge the gaps of reading deficiencies for low income elementary students in Wake County, North Carolina.”

Did you know that 35% of children enrolled in grades 1-5 in Wake County come from low income working families?  Only 50% of these students can read at grade level.

This is where Read and Feed comes to the rescue.  They bring mobile classrooms to the communities in need.  They feed the children and teach them to read.  Each student gets to take home books each week so they can continue their studies outside of the classroom.

Many of these students do not have parents that can sit with them every night and read to them.  English is a second language for many of these students.

Read and Feed is making an impact in North Carolina.  The Good World News team is looking forward to watching their impact grow throughout the area.

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