Captain Planet, still our HERO

Goldstein family photo
Goldstein family photo

“Captain Planet, he’s a hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!”.  Who remembers that Saturday morning cartoon? 

That used to be one of my absolute favorite cartoons growing up.  I decided to search for it one day and I discovered something amazing.  It turns out that there is a Captain Planet Foundation that is actively doing great things in the world!!  Captain Planet is real!! 🙂

“Our children can inherit a legacy of wastefulness, or an action plan that can save our planet. That is why we created Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” – Ted Turner

The foundation is running strong today and educating kids about how to care for the Earth.  As of today, they have funded 1,502 projects, had 805,466 participate, and recycled 64 tons of material!

I am going to close with the moment you’ve been waiting for….Yes, it is THE catchy theme song of Captain Planet.  Goooooooo Planet!!!

Remember, The power is yours!!!

Peace & Love,
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