7 year old cancer patient meets pro wrestling hero

It all started with a youtube video – an adorable Connor Michalek asking to meet his superhero, Daniel Bryan, a pro wrestler.  Connor was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was three.  The video spanned the world and made it to Daniel Bryan.

“It kinda brings a tear to my eye to know somebody like Connor wants to meet somebody like me, so that’s kinda cool,” said Bryan in an interview with CBS Pittsburgh.

When they met, Daniel Bryan entered the room and stated “Where’s the Stone Crusher?”.  Connor replied, “I’m here” :). 

Daniel Bryan also invited Connor to attend a WWE Raw event and the Christmas Eve taping of WWE Superstars.

“It’s actually a very humbling experience as far as all of the struggles he’s going through, and for him to want to meet me, I mean, I’m just a small town guy from Washington. Anything you can do for someone like Connor, oh my gosh, I’m equally as thrilled to meet him,” said Bryan.

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