A son’s gift to his mother – a kidney donation

- Image Credit: John Russell
- Image Credit: John Russell

Noah Harrison, 19, has always made all of his gifts to his mother by hand.  Every birthday, every Christmas, and every holiday.  This year his gift was the gift of life.

Two years ago, Noah’s mother, Erica Johnson was diagnosed with kidney failure.  She has suffered from years of chronic high blood pressure. 

“I am pretty sure this year’s gift will top them all,” Noah stated. “And what makes it even more special is that she didn’t even ask me. It’s something I really wanted to give her. Anything I can do to help my mom. She really needs this transplant. I want to be there for her like she has been for me all these years.”

“It has been a very humbling experience for me,” Erica emotionally stated. “As a mom, we are supposed to take care of our children and look after them. Here they are, helping me. They all made selfless decisions to donate.”

“I have worked to protect my children from harm and pain and for one of my own children [Noah is her youngest of three children] to go through this for me … he is just such an awesome young man,” Erica tearfully said. “I always said I never had to raise children who would become doctors or lawyers, but they had to be decent human beings. “I feel I have accomplished that.”

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