“Cash mob” gives Black Rock Coffee Bar a boost after robbery

- Image Credit: oregonlive.com
- Image Credit: oregonlive.com

A “Cash Mob” is a surprise party for a business.  This is where loving customers assemble at the business same time and surprise the business with smiles and cash.  This is exactly what customers of the Black Rock Coffee Bar in Portland, OR did for their favorite chill-out spot.

The “cash mob” gave the Black Rock Coffee Bar a much needed uplift.  The local business recently was feeling the pain after two armed robberies.    Thanks to happy customers, the coffee spot is back on their feet.

Jenifer DeWolfe, a “regular” at the Black Rock Coffee Bar said she organized the surprise to give them a financial and moral boost.

Daniel Brand, one of the owners of the establishment said they were ecstatic about the support from their customers.  “We try to connect with the local communities, so it’s awesome to see people coming out like this.”

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