Police officer’s wife gives him the gift of life for Christmas

- Image Credit: ABC News
- Image Credit: ABC News

Mrs. Scott topped Santa this year for Christmas.  She has given her husband Ricky Scott the gift of life this year.

Ricky Scott, an 11 year Dallas police veteran, has been married to his wife Shanice for the same number of years.

Ricky’s kidneys were completely failing and he was on the waiting list for years.  His wife offered to donate hers after they discovered that she was a perfect match.  A perfect match among married couples is extremely rare.

“I believe it was in God’s plan for us to definitely be able to do this, but I’m glad that I was able to [give him my kidney] to give him his life back,” Shanice said.

Both Ricky and Shanice had a quick recovery and made it back home for Christmas.

“I feel awesome… I got a new lease on life.”, Ricky stated.

The gift of life is truly priceless.  

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