Scottish man dresses as a giraffe and does good deeds

- Image Credit: YouTube
- Image Credit: YouTube

By day, he is a normal man, but by night, he jumps in a giraffe costume and does good deeds for random people!  Super-giraffe?  Well he actually calls himself “The Good Giraffe”.

Armstrong Baillie is his name, and good deeds is his game. 

“I busk during the week, playing the drums and kazoo dressed as The Good Giraffe. Then I use the money I get from busking to do good things for people.”, Armstrong describes in an interview with The Sun.

He does nice simple things for people.  Armstrong has purchased coffee for people, cleaned up beaches, and handed out water bottles to runners.  He has also dropped off toys to kids in hospitals. 

These good deeds have given him worldwide attention:
“Since I set up my blog I’ve been getting requests from all over the world… I’ve also had emails from Germany, Malaysia, Hong Kong and even Syria”.

It’s always good to see someone paying it forward and hey, it also helps that he really enjoys it! 

“People are always happy to see me. It puts a smile on their faces.”, Armstrong says.

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