Estella Pyfrom turns bus into mobile learning center for underprivileged students

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What do most people do with all of their retirement and pension money?  I think you have a pretty good idea, but Estella Pyfrom did something different.  She took $900,000 from her retirement funds and put it into “The Brilliant Bus”.

This mobile learning center that she tags “The Brilliant Bus” drives around Palm Beach Country providing a safe place for students to get connected to technology.

“Most of them have the computers at school, but then once they leave school it’s not available to them.”, Estella says.

For the last four years she’s been driving the bus around and helping kids with their homework.  This past Monday, her story appeared on NBC Nightly News and since then, she has received a flood of support.  In the past few days, individuals have donated computers, money, and given her many calls and texts of appreciation.  Schools are also contacting her to find out how they can make their own “Brilliant Bus” in their district.

You can help Estella’s organization through their website:

Thank you so much Estella for all of the positive work that you are doing for the world!  Keep it up!

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