Missouri couple uses lottery winnings to upgrade their hometown

Credit: ardensgarden.com/
Credit: ardensgarden.com/

Mark and Cindy Hill may be the nicest lottery winners ever.  After winning $136 million lump sum after taxes, the happy couple upgraded their hometown Camden Point, Missouri. 

First they paid for a brand new fire station.

‘It’s a situation where if we had to do it ourselves, it would take 25 years,’ said Walt Stubbs, a friend and chief of the local volunteer fire department.

Then they went to on to build a new baseball field a safer distance from the highway. The Hills gave over $50,000 to the town to buy land for a new sewage treatment plant so people could get off their individual septic tanks.  They also gave away money to the local schools. 

The Hills did not forget about themselves.  Mark quit his job and bought a new pickup truck 🙂  They still live a low key life with their three sons and one daughter.

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