5th grader makes high school varsity basketball team

- Image Credit: New York Times
- Image Credit: New York Times

Julian Newman doesn’t care that he is the shortest on the court, standing at only 4’5”, or that he is only in 5th grade.  His love is basketball and that is what he is good at.

After scoring 91 points in a middle school game, he was promoted to the high school varsity squad.  He has since helped them to an 18-5 record.

Julian’s high school teammates were skeptical at first, but he has since proved worthy of the position.  “He definitely proved us wrong,” said Jonathan Ferrell, a junior on the team. “I look up to him now because he’s so much better than me.”


Julian has handle and can shoot! – Image Credit: New York Times

Mark Cuban always says, “Don’t follow your dreams, follow your efforts”.  Julian sure does – he practices basketball about 6 hours a day!!  School still comes first – he’s making straight A’s 🙂

A video of him went viral online and he has since had interviews with ESPN and Sports Illustrated!


And that’s what’s good,

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