Celebrating 34th birthday with 34 acts of kindness

- Image Credit: urbandale.patch.com
- Image Credit: urbandale.patch.com

Katie Jones decided for her 34th birthday that she would perform 34 acts of kindness to spread the love around.  After each act, she would leave a card which read “Hi, my name is Katie,In celebration of my 34th birthday, I’m doing 34 acts of kindness. Enjoy the kindness and try to pass kindness along in your own way.” A few of Katie’s acts included leaving a bag of quarters at a laundromat, filling a baby changing area with disposable wipes, giving away gift cards to homeless people, and even dropped money on the floor at a dollar store!  All and all she spent $300 on her acts, including a tattoo on her wrist reading “Be Kind” 🙂 


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