DJ inspires everyone with his astonishing weight loss

- Image Credit: Twitter: @PapaJoeAviance
- Image Credit: Twitter: @PapaJoeAviance

Papa Joe Aviance hit #6 on the Billboard Magazine Dance Charts with his song “Last night a DJ saved my Life”.  What should have been a happy moment, turned out to be a reality check for Papa Joe when he saw the music video playing on MTV and VH1.  Watching himself in the video, he couldn’t believe how big he had become over the years. 

“I was 450 pounds—I was two cheeseburgers away from diabetes or high cholesterol,” recalls Aviance. “I had been big for pretty much all of my life, and I was sick of hating myself. It was now or never.” 

It got so bad at one point that he recalls drinking a two-liter of mountain dew every day, and at the same time, the local drive-thru employees knew him by name. 

“I cleared everything out of my fridge that was going to get in the way of me losing weight—cookies, candy, sodas,” he says. “I was only going to drink water or unsweetened iced tea, and no more fast food.” 

Joe had the right attitude though and began walking daily and doing his best to eat better.  Times were rough for the artist at the time, so he had to figure out a way to eat on a strict budget.  A friend told him about the local 99-cent store, and Joe was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of healthy foods to choose from.  

“Oatmeal, raisins, nuts, bananas, apples, oranges, bell peppers, spinach, salad dressing, tuna fish, eggs… I was shocked. I was blown away,” recalls Aviance. “It was a huge savings. I literally spent no more than $50 a week on food.” 

After 18 months on his strict diet, Joe had lost an astonishing 250 pounds!  Joe spends his time these days traveling the country encouraging and inspiring people of all ages to live a healthier life.  With a little determination and motivation, anything is possible. 

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