World Access for the Blind helps thousands see with sound

Daniel Kish, 47, has been blind since he was 13 months old.  He noticed that when he made clicking noises with his tongue, it actually helped him navigate.  As he got better at it, he learned how to see by clicking and listening for the sound to reflect off nearby objects!

It’s called “echolocation”. or “bio sonar”, and it is exactly what many animals, most notably bats and some dolphins,  use to view the world.  Kish says that with each click, he is able to see a flash three dimensional image of his surroundings.   He sees buildings, cars, plants, and many other objects.  Kish even rides a bike on the street using his echolocation!

He created an organization called “World Access for the Blind” where over 7,000 people in over 30 different countries have been taught how to see with echolocation!  Kish says that the results usually come pretty quickly!  His organization is making an amazing impact on many peoples lives.  The World Access for the Blind  website is filled with wonderful success stories.

Kish says it best, “Vision isn’t in the eyes; it’s in the mind”.



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