55 customers pay it forward at a donut shop

- Image Credit: Yahoo
- Image Credit: Yahoo

What a great way to start your morning when you get to the front of the line and realize somebody has paid for your meal!  At a popular Massachusetts donut shop, Eileen Taylor went to pay for her drinks, and the cashier told her the woman in front had already paid for her! 

She thought about this kind gesture during the day, and actually came back later just to pay for a random strangers meal herself. Eileen had recently lost her job, and money was tight, but she thought it was just the right thing to do because it made her feel good when someone did it for her. 

What she didn’t realize is that 55 customers later, the pay-it-forward was going on because of her!  The only reason the chain ended was because there was nobody else left in the line!

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