9 year old becomes youngest chess expert

- Image Credit: Facebook
- Image Credit: Facebook

Carissa Yip is not your typical chess expert.  While other children her age are playing video games, Carissa is dominating the chess game.  At 9 years old, she is already one of the best chess players in the world! 

How did she get so good?  Her father originally taught her and within a year she started beating him!  Then she took her skills outside the home, playing competitively at the MetroWest Chess Club and then the Wachusett Chess Club where she is currently the best player.  This December, she will play in the Youth Championships in the United Arab Emirates.

Carissa is said to be pretty intimidating when she plays.  She can even play without looking by calling out the moves and keeping track of the positions in her head!

The U.S. Chess Federation ranked her in the top 7% of all registered players, and the top 2% of female players.  Carissa’s overall goal is to be the first female chess champion!

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