Lenovo’s CEO shares his $3 million bonus with employees again

- Image Credit: Jordan Dickerson (Jeter)
- Image Credit: Jordan Dickerson (Jeter)

For the second year in a row, Yang Yuanqing, computer maker Lenovo’s CEO distributed his $3 million bonus to 10,000 junior level employees.  These employees are located in 20 different countries, but mostly (85%) in China.  The payout is about $325 which is a typical month’s pay for a worker in China!

“He believes that he has the responsibility as an owner of the company, and the opportunity as our leader, to ensure all of our employees understand the impact they have on building Lenovo.”, said Gina Qiao, senior vice president of human resources at Lenovo.

This makes many people wonder… is Lenovo accepting applications for employment? 🙂


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