Incredible Tip Helps Waitress Pay for College

Not wanting to run up more debt, 21-year-old Cayla Chandara was working double shifts as a waitress, trying to pay off college loans before returning to school to finish her education. Two customers struck up a conversation, and Chandara told them about school and her dreams for the future. They surprised her with a $400 tip. Chandra wanted to thank them more properly, so she wrote up a heartfelt note and dropped it off at the front desk of the hotel they had mentioned they were staying at. The couple returned to the restaurant the next night and told Chandra that they wanted to give her $10,000 to pay off her student loans and to contribute to her continuing her college education. She was at a complete loss of words but managed to stammer out that she couldn’t possibly accept such a large sum of money from complete strangers. The couple insisted, saying it would mean as much to them as it would mean to her. “They told me the best way to thank them is to be my best possible self, dream big and strive for my goals,” Chandara said. An incredible gift and wonderful advice from two anonymous strangers.



-The Good World News

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