Pope Opens Laundromat for Homeless

In addition to finding food to eat and a place to sleep, the homeless experience great difficulty in washing and drying what they are wearing, often the only clothes they have. Pope Francis has opened a free laundromat for the poor of Rome. It will soon be expanded to include showers and a barbershop. Whirlpool has donated washing machines, dryers, and irons, while Proctor and Gamble is providing detergent. East High School in Utah has installed washing machines and dryers for their homeless students which number 80 out of the student body of 2000. The laundry room is also equipped with donated detergent as well as free clothes for the taking. Having clean, appropriate clothes to wear allows students to focus on their academics and greatly increases the chances they will not drop out before graduation. How about more cities, companies, and schools taking inspiration and instruction from these “blessed” models!



-The Good World News

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