Pins to Represent Solidarity in England

A campaign has been launched in England for people to wear safety pins to show that they are “safe” allies to immigrants or anyone else facing hatred, racism, and bigotry.  Hate crimes have dramatically increased in Britain as well as in the U.S., and here is one small way for people to stand up for kindness, respect, and good will.  It is a signal that shows people facing hate crimes that they’re not alone, that there are people willing to stand up for them and be there for them.


Britons are being urged to wear safety pins in public so that any potential victims of racist abuse can turn to them for help or support in the street.  The pin announces that you are a safe person to sit next to on a bus, walk next to on a street, even have a conversation with.  Thousands have shared photos of themselves and their families wearing safety pins in solidarity with those being victimized in their community.


How about such a campaign in American communities!


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