Bishops, Knights, and Rooks in the barbershop!

Bishops, Knights, and Rooks in the barbershop!  12-year-old Cahree Myrick practices chess in a local Baltimore barbershop run by Sundiata Osagie.   Osagie described chess as a “staple” at his barbershop.  “That’s just the culture we’ve developed around here.  People will just stop in and say: ‘Who’s playing chess?  Who’s the chess players around here?’”

Last May, Cahree made local history after winning first place in his division at the United States Chess Federation Super Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee.  According to the Baltimore Sun, he’s the first competitor his age from Baltimore to do so.

Cahree credits Osagie’s barbershop for shaping him into a true competitor.  “Sundiata, he’s been my barber since I was like, 5 years old,” Myrick said.  “He taught me to be humble more — count your blessings and be a good person.  Don’t be like, arrogant, don’t walk in like that.”  Lessons we can all take to heart and not just over the chess board.


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