Hand in Hand school

There is a special K-12 school system in Israel where both Palestinian and Israeli students learn together.  This is a place where students learn value-based education including essential concepts such as mutual respect, human dignity, and empathy towards others.  “Hand in Hand” is the fitting name for this school systemContinue Reading

For anyone who might have missed it, February 7th, 2017, Super Bowl Sunday, was the day we watched tearfully as 75,000 people at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, held up plastic tiles, faithfully and without knowing why, to reveal the message, “Believe in Love.” Dr. Sherry Sami, co-founder ofContinue Reading

- Image Credit: Ronny Edry

“We LOVE you”.  What beautiful words between two countries that are “supposed” to be enemies.  Ronny Edry, an Israeli graphics designer, knew that something needed to be done quickly before blows were thrown between Iran and Israel. “If we don’t act now then it’s too late forever”, Edry stated. DayContinue Reading